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Filing tax return is on your finger tips now, just log on to www.taxeworld.com and answer some simple questions….

!!!Simplifying way to file your tax return!!!

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Welcome to Taxeworld.com! Your world for e-filing of tax returns.

  • Ensures security of sensitive data
  • Individuals e-filing of Income Tax Returns for a nominal fee of Rs. 250/-
  • Option to Digitally Sign and upload

Filing of Income tax has always been a cumbersome and complicated chore for most taxpayers. Even some of the portals launched earlier have not been able to provide solace to the harried & hassled tax payer. To cater to this demand, SBA Infotech Pvt. Ltd., an e-governance company has launched www.taxeworld.com for e-filing of Income Tax Returns. The website is designed to provide easy and quick web based solutions for filing Income-tax returns and facilitates generation of xml file, view ITR and upload with or without digital signature.

CA. Sanjay Ruia, Director, SBA Infotech Pvt. Ltd., says, “www.taxeworld.com” has been designed and created by a team of professionals bringing in the right blend of technological robustness and keen understanding of Indian taxation in a real time situation. www.taxeworld.com will assist both the individual & corporate Income Tax payers to fulfill their legal obligation to the country, in a correct, ethical and easy manner.

India has about, 60 million of individual Income Tax payers, and last year only 5 million filed their e-returns. Most others either spend valuable work time in serpentine queues to file their returns or have to rely on unscrupulous touts to do it for them. Also they need to share sensitive personal financial data with strangers.  www.taxeworld.com, is the ideal solution for individual taxpayers, where they can file their returns from the comfort of their home. www.taxeworld.com is user friendly and guides the taxpayer through each step of the process. www.taxeworld.com is the first Indian portal having its own Tax preparation and filing website that is also an e-return Intermediary (ERI) under Sanjay Ruia & Associates, Chartered Accountants, duly authorized by the Department of Income Tax. Sanjay Ruia & Associates is also the Certified Filing Centre with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Individuals can now file their IT returns in a secure manner for a fee as low as Rs. 250/-. For speedier refunds from the CPC of Income Tax Department as per Vision 2010, e-filing of returns with digital signatures is the most preferred option.  The data can be retrieved at any given point of time, no matter when the returns were filed or in which year.

The site is built upon proven scalable software solution framework, which is very secure and reliable. The site is secured with 128 bit encryption SSL certificate from Verisign. The time it takes to fill the online return file form would be considerably less as the performance of the site has been specifically taken care of. Besides this, the site has been designed with the view that the users return calculations are generated exactly as per the Income Tax law, something which makes this site different from others.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has made it mandatory from all companies to file income tax return electronically in Form No. ITR-6 with digital signature. Companies with large number of employees had to issue certificates of deduction of tax at source with manual signatures which was time consuming. Taxeworld.com has introduced e-form16 for employers where they can digitally sign and send Form 16 on the mail. Various needs of corporate & business community such as PAN Card Application, e-form 16, Digital Signature Certificates are also met on www.taxeworld.com. www.taxeworld.com is adlso coming out with e-tds, VAT and Service Tax Returns to help the corporate in their compliance related filing.

The facilities offered by www.taxeworld.com are

  • PAN Card Application
  • Generates e-Form16
  • Tamper proof – digitally signed PDF Format Certificate
  • User can import the data in text format
  • Duplicate Form 16 can be issued
  • Optimum Privacy & Security of data
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